Everything Is Simple

by Dan Lyth

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"Not since Damien Rice's 'O' has a debut album been presented with such self-assurance. This collection of gorgeously recorded tracks is simple yet hooky, lo-fi, playful and reflective. Autumn Sunday afternoons were made for this."
Daily Record

"The musicianship is flawless and the production manages to somehow sound sparse and epic at the same time... You won't be disappointed."
Brett Callwood - Acoustic Magazine

"Doing what he says on the tin, Dan creates simple tunes that take the breath away. Everything Is Simple kicks off with Ben Nevis. One minute and 10 seconds of poetry. While Dan sounds like an acoustic Radiohead, he has the bite of singer-songwriter David Ford. This is apparent in A Few Lines with its lyrics, "Call all your friends, tell them you're not dead." Dan throws a curve ball with the Justin Timberlake snap of Oh, No He Isn't! Oh, Yes He Is, which will have you grooving. As will the jerky geek funk of Colour."
Daily Record

"Dan Lyth’s debut has some very engaging tunes and evokes the ambience of a forest clearing on a summer’s morning. Wistfulness, casio beats and light guitar strumming abound. Everything Is Simple earns your affection with repeated listening but best not operate heavy machinery whilst listening to it."
Jeremy Shields - AU Magazine


released October 20, 2008


all rights reserved



Dan Lyth Fife

From Fife, Scotland. Recently finished recording an album entirely outdoors.

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Track Name: Ben Nevis
The waves are higher than Ben Nevis on each side
And I start to wonder whether I should have stayed inside the boat
It floats, unlike my rapidly sinking feet
But then I see you
Track Name: A Few Lines
Tell me, tell me your last hope
Whispered quietly alone
That they slowly stole

A stranger is writing the script now
You're an extra nothing more
Maybe a few lines

In your mind you claimed the first prize
But they won't even let you near
To the starting line

Call all your friends tell them you're not dead
I've had a thought, I've got a great plan
Don't give up just yet

Promises you won't even speak of
Oh it's not anybody's fault
But you don't forgive yourself

Call me, call and I'll answer
Cos I've seen silence in your fight
But you still scream inside

Call all your friends tell them you're not dead
I've had a thought, I've got a great plan
Call all your friends tell them we're back on
I've had a thought better than you think
Don't give up just yet

You know I've seen you give your best
And now the rest is all that's left
Your resolutions mark your fall
New solutions feel like old
"Oh shake it off with forceful words"
Tried it all but it won't go

You're feeling like you've lost it
On your way out
But can you see that in the distance?
That's where we'll be
I know, I know you don't believe me
But it's all I can say
All I can say
Would you forget your good behaviour
Just let it go
Stop holding your breath and composure
Just let it out
You've built a dam to stop your tears
Let's break it down
Let's burst the banks
Track Name: When We Got There
When I got there I saw I could hardly hold my breath
Had my best velcroes but I could hardly take a step
And I saw your name; it was written on his hand
Saw your daisy chain couldn't believe that you were found
So we asked around about this amazing crazy place
Even better than the largest Lego town we made
We were thinking of Moscow State Circus in the Glen
But this big top sky was a colour I'd never seen

Oh does anyone believe love?
Have they all just grown up and seriously forgot?

When we got there each sound was a mini symphony
He gave you your recorder and you turned and smiled at me
We were in no rush so we took it kind of slow
We just walked; it was a nice night after all
We remembered our old dens and shelters in the woods
We were pretty sure we had found shelter from the rain
Then we saw him, saw his glory over there
He's come to take us home, don't be scared, he'll take us home

Oh does anyone believe love?
Have they all just grown up and seriously forgot?

We were in love
We were in love when we got there
Track Name: Oh No He Isn't! Oh Yes He Is!
They've done the arithmetic; theses shoes should fit
And I can try them on just as long as I remember my lines
The curtain is starting to rise

I heard on the car radio last night
They've finally decided that everyone was right all along
It was everyone else who was wrong

And since they're all so enlightened,
They think they've got the right and the means to invite us
To see things through their eyes
The curtain is starting to rise

"Watch you trip, trick questions and traps
Watch you trip, we won't watch your back"

"Don't step over, don't step over that
Don't step over, don't step off our track"

But then I hear over the sea
The voice of my judge and jury

If I let their words make me I give them the power to break me
They'll place their bets on me and then they'll want some rest from me
The tighter their grip the further I'll slip
But I'll let your words make me I'll give you the power to break me
Cos you've seen the rest of me and yet you see the best in me
Your voice will take me to glory

Is it man or God we were thinking of?
We perform and face a shouting mob
And it descends into pantomime
The curtain leaves nowhere to hide

From the Hebrides to Sydney, everybody's got the remedy
But with so many melodies
Comes one discordant fallacy
"Who are you going to please?"
Track Name: Holiday
When I can't pray and I don't know what to say
It's ok, you know the score, you've been here before

When I wake up and the sky is black on this new day
It's ok, you've got the light, you can make it bright

You've seen the darkest of trenches in my thoughts
But you still hold out for me
And make it all beautiful

Today I can see and I don't know what to say
You made a king out of a thief, how could you choose me?

Now I can hear you call from the sidelines:
"It's ok, I gave this to you, enjoy it won't you boy!"

You've seen the darkest of trenches in my thoughts
But you still hold out for me
And make it all beautiful

And now I feel like...

I'm on holiday for a while
I'm on holiday
Track Name: Castles
I'll leave the when and how to you
I think that's safe
After all you've made
I know you know what you're doing

Why must I elevate myself
Try and take first place?
I claw against my friends
And hide behind soft holy tones

I've stole other's bricks
To build my own castle
Oh won't you tear it down
It must come down today

And if I do not see with my eyes
What I see inside
I won't cry cos you want me
And I want nothing more than you

Bring me, bring me down
Build me, build me up
I won't cry cos you want me
And I want nothing more than you
Track Name: Everything Is Simple
When I'm with you everything is simple
There's no worries
As we walk in step I know this is how it should be
But then I look down on at the things on the ground
They get bigger and I forget something again
I forget that something again
How could I forget it again?
I need you Lord
I've seen your face
And there's not a better place than this

I've been caught up giving the world a shot
But I've been the fool because
You're so beautiful, how could I run from you?

You could have finished me
It wouldn't have been wrong
But instead, instead you chose to take the blame
So we could walk together again
Oh, if I could give up all my plans
Just give them up and go straight to heaven today
If I could go, if I could go
I would you know
I've seen your face
And there's not a better place than this

I've been caught up giving the world a shot
But I've been the fool because
You're so beautiful, how could I run from you?
I'll give it up

I'll give it up, throw it off
I will throw it off
And I'll fix my eyes on you Lord
Let's walk again
Let's walk together, together again
Let's walk again
To the very end
You and me all the way home
And I won't miss this chance
Now I know, yeah I know
That there's no better place than this
Track Name: Colour
You know you're running short of luck
You're feeling out of touch
So much for going out alone
And doing everything on your own
Oh no, now it's all taken away
And there's nothing left to say
Except- OK, the world disappoints
But he does not

There'll be colour again
He's on a mission to lift you up and out
There'll be colour again
Oh remember now, yesterday ended last night

Knocked out, out of nowhere a blow
Like you've never seen or known
In monochrome slow-mo you fall to the floor
Never seen this place before
"Oh Lord, all my hope left without making a sound"
Face down, you can't face another round
But he sees you now

We were out our depth
Running out of breath
Assumed there was death round the corner
We were sunk in debt
And with nothing left
It seemed it was almost all over

Now the curtain's torn
Got to sing with soul
He ripped up a hole in the silence
Everything reborn
Got to to sing with soul
He lifted me up out of sickness

When you feel there's no colour
And you know it's not OK
Don't break
Cos everything's starting again

Where did it go? It seems the light's getting dimmer
As I travel from four walls to four wheels and back and back
It's hard not to feel that the breath is being beaten out of me
When I look down will I see rock or sand?
Track Name: Take Me Up
I'm waiting here and looking up
I'm homesick for somewhere I've never been
I've never even seen
A place too big to understand
But more intimate than I've ever felt
I'll be close to you
They'll be no more pain
No more needless disasters
And stormy nights
This body of skin and bones is not my home
I know I'm a stranger here but I'm not alone
And I'm not here for very long you know

Take me up there
Take me up there
Show me things that'll turn my head upside down

The sun is just an LED
When it's standing next to your great light
Your great light
It's like going from black and white to colour widescreen
Stop and look cos this is heaven
Show me things up high

Take me up there
Take me up there
Track Name: God Help Me Tonight
They say that faith and hope won't float
When they carry the cargo of circumstance
But I don't want to live comfortable but sad
Wait to see what time does to me
Where do you go?
Where do you go?

God help me tonight
Cos I'm broken down